VHedge by Earthia is a patented proprietary Applied Vertical Greening (AVG), or green wall system that creates an instant foliage cover.

The system has been developed to provide a simple solution to large scale and commercial vertical greening that is easy to specify, easy to detail, easy to install and most importantly easy to maintain. It can be installed as an extensive cladding to building facades, as a free standing structure and can even be suspended on cables.

A proprietary rail, hook and framing system allow plants to be supported in specially designed removable carrier pots. The removable pots make replacement of plants easier than most other existing vertical greening systems.

The design allows comprehensive irrigation to be unobtrusively concealed and distributed throughout the planting using standard irrigation polypipe and standard drip emitter nozzles. The irrigation pipes and drip emitter nozzles can either be distributed to the front of the foliage mass or directly onto the plant root zone at the rear of the panel.

The panels are based on a 50cm and 100cm modular grid. Each cladding unit consists of two side panels and a number of carrier trays (3 for the 50cmx 50cm module and 6 for the 100cm x 100cm module).

The system provides 36 pots per square metre and the frame components are supplied in a flat pack form for ease of transport and shipping. The components slot together in a unique and patented gravity locked configuration that gives each panel its own integral rigidity once assembled.