There are few activities that give us as much pleasure as working the soil. Even on the most stressful days, taking care of our little garden relaxes both body and mind and helps to restore our positive energies.

With Minigarden you can now enjoy the pleasures of gardening on patios, balconies or in any room of your house or apartment. And what better way to decorate your house than with a beautiful garden?

Minigarden is a modular system that allows the cultivation of decorative plants, spices or other small vegetables in a vertical structure, in any type of room or place that does not enjoy the benefit of planting in native earth.

1.    Remove the modules from the packaging.
2.    Fill them with soil.
3.    Introduce the plants or seeds into the soil-filled modules.
4.    Water.
5.    Stack and connect the modules together.
6.    Enjoy your garden!

Small holes in the connecting clips allow standard narrow gauge irrigation polypipe and dripper nozzles to be distributed through the containers. Connecting the irrigation pipe to a tap and battery operated domestic irrigation timer means your garden is always watered and you never have to worry whenever your away!